Daily Dash week 2

I peer into the lake, finding a reflection of myself surrounded by a bright blue moon and beautiful diamond like stars. I think to myself “Why, Why did they have to choose me”. I look in to the lake one last time and head home. At home I grab my entire luggage and take one […]

Daily Dash week 1

“Ouch”, shouts my sister, her voice echoing through the house. I run to see what’s wrong. I see my brother single handily hitting my sister with a tennis racquet. My jaw drops and my eyes widen. “Ouch”, she shouts again. I rush towards her to take the tennis racquet, and suddenly a BANG. “Ouch” I […]

100wc week term 4

I run into Barkley Square looking for a place to hide from these voices that are following me. I run into the toilets trying to escape the voices but they follow.  I run out of the toilets and into the middle of Barkley Square. I look around and there is not one human in sight […]

3 Facts: Brownie Bishop overspent on a helicopter The helicopters she brought was about $5000. It cost exactly$5227 Brownie Bishops choice was to take a very expensive helicopterinstead of a money saving one and a half hour trip in a car. 2 Understandings: The mistake of overspending has been done by many other politicians. Politicians […]


3 Understandings: Adds that are about junk food are put on TV when kids/children are watching TV Kids are wanting to buy more Junk food because of the way they are presented Most adults and kids say that Junk food ads should be on in the evening when kids aren’t watching TV 2 Understandings: Junk […]

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