Valedictory Speech

Welcome dear parents, teachers and fellow graduates. As many of you know we are all here to celebrate our graduation at M.P.P.S.  It has been seven short years, ever day has seemed to pass very quickly in my eyes. We have all had many memories, but one that I especially remember is when I was […]

BTN- Paris Attacks

3 Recalls: The attacks Have lead to many deaths There have been attacks in many Paris. The attacks in Paris have made adults and children anxious 2 Understanding: Monuments around the world lit up in blue,red and white the colours of the French flag because there have been attacks. There are Many people in Paris […]

Daily Dash week 1

“Ouch”, shouts my sister, her voice echoing through the house. I run to see what’s wrong. I see my brother single handily hitting my sister with a tennis racquet. My jaw drops and my eyes widen. “Ouch”, she shouts again. I rush towards her to take the tennis racquet, and suddenly a BANG. “Ouch” I […]

3 Facts: Brownie Bishop overspent on a helicopter The helicopters she brought was about $5000. It cost exactly$5227 Brownie Bishops choice was to take a very expensive helicopterinstead of a money saving one and a half hour trip in a car. 2 Understandings: The mistake of overspending has been done by many other politicians. Politicians […]

BtN – Fairy House

3 Recalls: Samara started her business around her neighbourhood Samara wanted to save animals lives so she raises money for the Sippy Creek Animal Refuge. Samara has published the only book in the world that teaches kids how to make fairy houses 2 Understandings: You need to enjoy a business to start one so it isn’t […]

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