BTN- Boxing Ban

3 Recalls: The Australian Medical Association want boxing, judo, karate and wrestling banned Once you get hit in the head your brain can bleed which can cause you to have disability or die They wants all combat sports banned for people under eighteen 2 Understandings: I understand that you can get critically injured which may lead to […]


3 Understandings: Adds that are about junk food are put on TV when kids/children are watching TV Kids are wanting to buy more Junk food because of the way they are presented Most adults and kids say that Junk food ads should be on in the evening when kids aren’t watching TV 2 Understandings: Junk […]

BtN (G.S.T)

A few recalls that I have is that all Australian kids have to pay a tax and it is on the things you buy and the services you receive, these are things like chocolates, lollies and packets of chips. Tony abbot was open to the idea of raising GST because the government relies on GST […]


3 Facts: FIFA is the organization in charge of soccer. Some off the bosses in FIFA have been arrested due to criminal activities Sepp Blatter is FIFA boss. 2 Understandings: Sepp says that he has nothing to do with the criminal activities but it is still being investigated by Swiss authorities and the FBI Once […]


3 Facts: hip hop is the most popular type of music. Kids can take part in special hip hop courses at the northern sound system hip hop has had more of an influence on popular music 2 Understandings: Beatles is a band from the 1960’s The Beatles did not write there own songs they were […]

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